Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog. I hope you enjoy it and feel free to join in the discussions. I'm not a huge blogger (yet) but after a long, long time being a photographer, and having traveled extensively, and taught, and photographed for hundreds of clients, and having held a number of exhibitions (I feel exhausted just writing about this stuff!) I may have something of interest for you from time to time. I will be trying to update my photographs on the site as often as I can, so make sure you come back and see what's happening!

Simon Cowling March 20104

Getting There!

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CHA-CHA -  available for purchase on fine art German Etching paperCHA-CHA - available for purchase on fine art German Etching paperOnly available in square print sizes. ...and speaking of let's dance.... I've uploaded images from my last three exhibitions for you to have a look at. Coming soon, some travel and commercial work. For those of you looking to build a new website, this ZENFOLIO site builder seems really excellent, especially for photographers. I guess time will tell, but I've been amazingly pleased at how quickly I've been able to get to this stage from scratch in a couple of hours.


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Welcome to my brand-new website. Welcome to the ramblings of a photographer who has been in the industry for an awfully long time. Welcome to photography, travel, politics, strong opinions, teaching, lots of foolishness and hopefully some wisdom. I hope you enjoy what you see and I hope you join in the discussions from time to time. As someone famous once said, Fuck Art, let's Dance! Welcome to my world.