Welcome to my website. 

After a long career as a professional photographer I've decided to use my website solely for showcasing my favourite photographs as an eclectic collection of what interests me rather than what may interest a commercial client. I've done away with the 'Advertising Campaigns', "Magazine Publications' and 'Corporate Work' type of categorisation in favour of 'Stuff', 'Landscapes/Travel'  and 'Trains, Planes and Automobiles'. 

There are a lot of pictures here. Many will no doubt say I should have been more rigorous in my editing. But I've only worked with one criterium - do I like it? If it has memories for me, or appeals to my sense of humour, my sense of colour and composition, then in it goes. And because of the nature of my groupings some pictures appear more than once. It's also a changing feast in that I shall be adding and deleting to my collections on a fairly regular basis.

This website, then,  is a kind of visual autobiography, a record of the places I've been lucky enough to visit and the way I have looked at those places and things. Should any pictures particularly appeal to you, all are available as high quality prints, personally printed. In any case, I hope you enjoy just exploring the world as seen through my eyes.

Simon Cowling 2018

I am not so much searching for meaning as I am deeply enjoying the detail, the placement of major items, the complicated mood. ~ W. Scott Olsen