Some Notes on my Prints for Sale

May 30, 2014  •  1 Comment


Whist I think that Zenfolio, the web builder I have used to make this site, is excellent (and it really is - I have tried other DIY web building apps and this one is the best I've used by far) there is only so much one can do within the confines of pre-programmed templates. Unless you can program HTML yourself of course, in which case I imagine you wouldn't need a web builder.

Anyhow, what I have had to do on my gallery pages for the Exhibition/Print Sales part of my site is to put up PDFs showing the range of sizes and prices that are available as well as a page with my Artist's Statements from each of the exhibitions. The price list does appear automatically when you click on the BUY button, but not otherwise, so this is the best way I can show what is on offer. 

​The other thing I have attempted to explain within the price list is that not all the sizes on the list will necessarily fit the dimensions of each image precisely; in most cases there will be small discrepancies depending on my cropping or the particular camera I may have used. Thus if  you order a 60cmx90cm print, the actual image size may be, for instance, 72cm x 101cm - or 56cm x 92cm, etc. The only sizes that will be dead accurate, for obvious reasons, are the square prints.

​It is also worth noting that the prints, when you receive them, will not only have an image size closest to the size chosen but will have a 2-4cm white border in addition, to facilitate matting and framing. I have shown the pictures on the site as having a much wider white border; this is to illustrate the "look of the print once it has been matted and framed so you might have a better idea of how it might look on your wall. Of course in the end, it is entirely up to you as to how you choose to display the print.

I hope that has  helped explain some of the less clear aspects of the Print Sales section - I'm always open to any further suggestions for improvement or clarity you may have. I hope you enjoy my galleries, and that you find something you like to hang on your wall!




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